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Pikkhead Militia Logo

As the word Militia does imply, this is a group that has risen from the civil population but with a mandate. They fiercely defend our "Rights to Good Music". By engaging in thorough surveillance, musical intelligence gathering and special operations, Pikkihead Militia has unveiled a brand new Gulf Coast sound. Infusing Reggae and African Rhythms with heavy doses of Jazz, Rock and Country has resulted in a unique sound that is now indigenous to the Gulf Coast. Although there may be foreign elements to this music, it is 100% locally inspired, written, recorded and produced.

Musicians are themselves quite seasoned, as this is a band of merry men whom have individually and collectively played and toured internationally. Now settled on the Gulf Coast, they are now focusing on what they do best and that is creating and performing original and uplifting music.

Make no mistake! This is a bunch not to take lightly. They are always heavily armed and dangerously effective when they go on the musical offense. If one isn't careful, one could easily fall into a trance listening to this music thus and end up being a Pikkihead Militia prisoner. And absolutely love it........


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